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Wednesday, March 18

And If you have been thinking, thinking hard, of the way things are going. And whether, you want them to go the way they are. Just Wait. Hold. Breath. Talk.

And if in future you have a choice, fall in love with someone who lives just at an arms distance and not in different time zones. (Yes, the whole game of attraction, distraction, and the likes should take place with someone whose future is also in your vicinity)

If you dont want/have a choice, then like I said -Smile. Wait. Patience. Smile. Wait. Talk. Smile. Shout. Show Disappointment. Wait. Patience. Smile. Laugh. Love.

Things eventually do work out :)

Thanks for... umm... basically everything VammyPa. There are not many in my world who have the kind of patience, dedication and love you show. And So, I am choosing to say it in public, when I pretty much had a choice of writing you an email. If this in someway emarasses you, or hurts you :( Sowie, I promise it wasn't intentional. But Really! I would have been really burnt out had we had not had that talk :)

Thank You!!

Tuesday, March 3

Vicky Cristina Barcelona...

...What A Movie!

What a name - curious, you start watching the movie wondering if you will even come close to liking it. You start watching, nothing makes sense. Two girls - normal girls, normal thoughts, normal conversations. Aaah, a chick flick! I thought so...

So, feeling a lil comfortable as now you are walking in a known zone - thanks to the categorizing you have done in your mind. You watch it more, and you slowly start connecting. Again, normal girls with feelings and thoughts on love. Normal guys around. Some you are irresistibly attracted to, and some you think are wise and so, you should just make do.

You have thoughts that fluctuate between 'a Rucksack and some change is all one needs to go on a "discovering journey" of life ' and 'lets be practical, lets have some cash, lets be sure, and have a steady footing - dreams I ll discover soon'

You understand the emotions behind each character, the thought process. You also reflect on your emotions, as you know you have felt each and every characterized emotion, at one point in time of your life, or are capable of feeling them if you allow yourself.

At the end of the movie, you take a step back and breathe.

For every person with his ideas, ideals, wants, needs, peers, conversations, learnings, dreams, love, disappointments, can see a part of the distinctly human.

  1. If you stop believing and become practical about life, love and relationships - you are called a Cynic.
  2. If you believe too hard and too long, long enough that you see your life passing right in front of you - you are called a Romantic.
  3. If you believe and understand both, being practical and yet respecting those who believe in fairy tales and perfect love, - you are a Realist.
  4. If you are the one who illuminates, and communicates light to the eye, or clear views to the mind - you are an Enlightened Soul. (May Be) However, there is a catch here, with all the worldly wisdom and understanding... you may get confused and end up a Looser.
  5. If you are the one who knows yourself well, someone who is aware of the limitations of the other, yet you have some wants that are too difficult to fulfill - you allow yourself to become a Dreamer
Well, there is no hard and fast rule to these characterizations, but remember, these are just my interpretations of the characters. So, please feel free to find your own inference after watching the movie.

There are also times in the movie you admire the beautifully woven web of emotions and feelings that we as humans are capable of creating around ourselves - conflicts of the mind, and heart. Its the constant friction between what you want, what you need and what you get.

Simple things like Christina finding her passion thanks to the encouragement of Juan Antonio, and Maria Elena. I personally have discovered some of my best hidden talents after being pushed, prodded and pursued thanks to the encouragement of my world around.

The balance of characters, their emotions the constant flux of time, thoughts, and feelings.
lastly, just getting my thoughts together, I researched on Google, and Lo! No wonder, Penned by - Woody Allen!