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Monday, March 22

Drums Circle. A Connected Experience Of Euphoria & Peace.

All deep things are a song.

And there is a song for every feeling, emotion or situation in our lives. And while we are feeling these songs, another experience comes along that makes us one with our music even more. It happened to me today when I wasn’t for once listening to a song, but being the song. Making a song and moreover, creating that music.

Most of us swear by that loooong drive experience where that trippy trance drenches you thoroughly with its rhythm, inviting you to take plunge into the heaven we call nature. I know, to some I am going to sound random, arbit to an extent.


Today was one of those highly moving days of my life. One of those days where I stood still but every part of my body, cell, and muscle moved to the beat and the rhythm. Sometimes some experiences can only be lived, and however much you try to explain to share. You realize you do a shabby job because the experience was in that moment. Having said that, I am still going to give it a try.


I had left my home not very happy, and I reached the park welcomed not by the familiar gates to keep away trespassers, but by a crane digging the road and blocking the entrance of the place. Another thing that puzzled me was the stench of the lake. On top of it all there was traffic that was haphazard. I could have easily let my spirits die right there, but something told me to hold it.

Thank God.

The entrance to the park to my surprise was not through the gate but through the hidden bridge which made me feel like a child. Excited for what lay ahead was unknown to us, and that meant Adventure. Yay! We walked into the park. (Sukriti, and a surprise meeting sandeep in the parking) The sun would slowly head to its home, but right then it was sunshine. We were welcomed by the sound of the beat of drums.

Divine Intervention.

To a walker, or a jogger it looked like a set of weird people come together with weird instruments. We were of course a group in all sizes and shapes. There were old girls of may be 5 to young uncles of 50+. There were the Big Drums, the Djembes, the Tambourines, the Dholaks, the Congos, the Ghoonroos, the Cymbals and some more that I do not know the names of. :P It was definitely a weird set. ;)

Chaos as it comes.

In the middle of the circle was man who was dancing along with the music – Vikram Badhwar the lead. The music they created was perfect. Yet, later I got to know most in that circle had never played an instrument before. It dint take me too long find a place and choose my instrument. Mine was the smallest one, a pair of Cymbals. It was only few minutes when I caught on to the rhythm and started moving to the beats. 

It begins.

With no inhibitions, we played by just listening and feeling the beats. Going by our instincts. I banged the Cymbals together whenever I heard that space which the sound of my cymbal could fill. And it did :) My Cymbal partner, Shilpa was so much fun with an easy smile and willingness to wait for me to catch on. That was all I needed. An occasional wink and an exchange of smile sukriti and those in the circle only made me feel more connected. The energy was flowing through all of us. It was wonderful, because it’s not every day that you are a part of an experience such as this.

Percussion or Passion?

It wasn’t the war of the titans, or a jugalbandi between the instruments or their players. It was just that each one, no matter what size or sound they produced was distinct and pure. As important yet depended on the other. A perfect harmony and balance, just like in life we play with strangers we meet and greet.


We were all immersed in our own world of music with our instruments, yet, there was rhythm with the rest of the circle. Not one out, not one in. Not too fast, not too slow – just right. United I felt with strangers I hadn’t met, or may never meet. It wasn’t too long before I found myself into a trance. Living every moment and every pause that was filled with the pulsating music.


If being music can feel this way, you won’t believe how silence feels after this. It was moving, a sudden cacophony of sounds of nature that hit me like I had just woken up for the first time. It was in a few moments of continued silence that the vibrations in my body and the sounds of the birds started to sound like the music we had just played. The feeling lingers for it’s been a long time since. I loved every moment of being a part of the drums circle. It was an experience of a lifetime.


Thank you Bhumi.