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Monday, August 24


In the darkest corners of my life I dont see him as someone who I can depend on. I see him more as a menacing shadow that follows me and beckons me into darkness. There are time when the shadow cant be seen that's when there is a lot of light - my sunshine. Rest of the times, I just lie low, hiding, crouching, waiting for time to pass.

There are times when the hidden darkness in me shows, I know. Left alone, my paws and fangs can hurt - and over the years they have only . Scared I may hurt someone. Mostly myself, I lie and hide, away from him - my shadow - away from me.

He hears me loud he hears me clear. I my whispers are stronger and louder than shouts in his ears. I make some noise I can hear him - louder, closer. I just wish there was someone to hold on. This darkness never ends. And I know, even if I escape my life will be left behind in the shadows.

Can someone live without a life? I ll know soon.

Monday, August 17

4 am Love

It rained outside today but I dint notice.

I was thoroughly drenched in love today!

Just cause we were around until 4 am both ways...


Saturday, August 15

And everyone deserves:

  • to have a bed to call their own
  • to have a door to privacy
  • to have someone to dearly love
  • to have freedom to wear what they want
  • to have a friend they can call at 4 am
  • to be able to cook when they want to
  • to be sexually expressive
  • to walk looking up at the sky
  • to carry anything anywhere
  • to leave when they want to
  • to feel secure
  • to play in the park
  • to not being frisked at every nook and corner
  • to feel healthy
  • to a good nights sleep
  • to look themselves
  • to express themselves without inhibitions
  • to dance in the rain
  • to say 'No, Thank you!'
  • their sunshine
  • to close others out
  • to feel liberated
Then, spiritual freedom will be free for all, and not limited to a few.
May be - like animals...

Saturday, August 1

Ruskin Bond, Starts his Omnibus with the following words

"The day most completely lost is the day on which one does not laugh at least once"

And thats the reason why I enjoy his stories thoroughly! :)