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Thursday, November 25

A Day Before 26 November, 2010...

I can't believe it. Days pass into months and months into years.And year after year just another day becomes a significant day that you'd rather not wait for. I'd rather not count those insignificant years gone by...

First, its the parents, celebrating milestones of something they created.Day after day they celebrate the lil things, little changes they see in their children. They lovingly called it 'growing up'. But really unknown to them,  they really celebrate their slow paced independence.They celebrate when the child first walks on their own and dint need their support. They celebrate the day they dint have to be by the child's side, and the child could stand on his own two feet. (Having said that, of course I agree, they have every reason to celebrate it because its not everyday that a child is born to you. That you create and develop something "alive" together, so celebrate it all the way Amma & Appa)

But what is ironical is that the child himself thinks that they are being celebrated. Its the noise, the happy faces, the happy attention span, and the easy attitude that distract him from the truth behind the reality. And so, its an illusion that he lives in, for a long long time. Because, long after he took his first step - and they celebrated. Long after he was on his own - and they celebrated. Long after all of that and they finished celebrating; the child continues to celebrate. He stood there proudly clapping his non - achievements. He stood there standing tall celebrating his mundane life. He stood there with a happy gait and a happier smile celebrating, oblivious to his own loss of childishness or for the loss of a better word, childhood.

What is unknown to him is that future may no longer bring the same security and comfort of being taken care of, of being blindly dependent, and of being careless and free are soon to be gone replaced with burdens of responsibility and grudging reality that life is no child's game. And that its time to turn the tables soon, that what you took for granted, may not be; like the food on the table and the washed and ironed clothes. Or even the comforting warm arms or the morning sounds of chores.

That what comes is made of adults and adulteration.

For so much that has gone missing, I refuse to count today. I refuse to move on. I refuse to say that I ll be a year older. I refuse to let the memories be bygone. I refuse to say that I ll be dying soon one day (I know, kinda dramatic). I refuse to be a year closer to 25, or wait is it 52? I refuse to let go of them, my loved ones. I refuse it, I refuse it all.

Today, I ll live another day - like its my only one. But please don't celebrate it & please dont let it be Happy or Merry. Just today - this one day, please.

Wednesday, November 24

Understanding a Vamsi; Understanding a Free Spirit

Often insignificant conversations bring you to understand the most significant things about life. Today, one of the most insignificant conversations with the man made me feel how inherently free and spirited he is. How he is made out of the jungles and grasses and animals and rocks and birds and trees. Just like in the free times. Just like in the olf old times.

I could picture him running wild with the wild as we spoke. The sun moved from the east to west following his pace.

It was a harsh reality that in the space of virgin and untouched wild wild lands, the spaces were now filled with building and parks. And in the space of the free animals the place was milling with herds and crowds of people. My vision of seeing him leap high towards the sky, suddenly shattered as there was nothing to cushion his jump. No lush green grass - only concrete that struck.

And with that, I feel dejected. And de-spirited. 

Monday, November 15

Showering Sparrows!

So, I guess those who know me well know that I Love Sparrows. They are the cutest creatures in the whole world. At home a few years ago there used to be a bunch of sparrows living in a bush. But its been years since I have seen one at home, happily jumping and playing with each other. 

So, coming to the point, a few weeks back I had made a trip to Hampi, and guess what - the sparrows were there! Not just a bunch but in abundance. Every thatched roof had a family of sparrows, and so did every buss behind a rock. It was a delight watching these little wonders swing from one place to the other attached to each other with a spring.

Sparrows have a way with dancing and fluttering. And I can sit in a place and watch their energized activity for hours without moving a limb. If you watch them long, they ll tell stories. Some good ones, of happy times and some bad - of survival.

 Sparrows have become non - existent in our surrounding and we know why. We forgot about them. Simply. These small lil beings who are so known be so involved with themselves and their daily chores. We forgot about them cause we got involved in us, and ours. 

Anyways, its not time for lecture. The reason why I am writing this post is to share one of the most joyous occasions of my life. Showering Sparrows. :) Okay, more like Bathing Sparrows
So, I was walking back from one of the ruins early morning. The road was muddy and had puddles of water in several places after the incessant rains from the night before. So, trying to skip and miss these pools of water, I was returning to my guest house when out of no where these sparrows came fluttering. 

I stopped in my tracks as I had spend quite some time trying to take pictures of them since my visit but they are so fast its almost impossible. So, when they came flying out of the bush - obviously I froze in my tracks. I had no idea that I was in for a big treat. One after the other, in a few seconds there were about 8-10 sparrows. Some male and some female.

All of them came and stood beside these muddy pools of water and started to take a dip in the water. 5 of the females decided to take one pond while the rest 5 males decided to take the other. And they dipped and playyed and cleaned themselves, while I happily did a sparrow dance and took these shots. 
I know, there must be better shots of them - but for me these really are the best - cause they have a dream come true wish behind them. Cause these have a story that ll be shared with many. And I am glad I was part of the Sparrow Kingdom for once :)


Although this whole incident must have lasted less than a second. For me it was a moment of a life time. When my silent wish to the sparrows-to-hold,-so-I-could-take-a-picture came true.