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Monday, November 24


I love the smell of Fevicol, fresh and white when the lid is opened. Thats why I sit near the door close to the carpenter who uses it lavishly on his work.

Phenyl, is another fragrance that I love, and so, when she wipes the floor, I tend to put my feet up and take in the clean smell and smile at her :)

The unmistakable fresh smell of wet mud, soil parched from the scorch and heat of summer, thrilled at the joy of rain, wetting it and wetting our minds with happiness emanating through cantible fragrance. I like to stand on the porch mooning over the patter of water and breathing in on the freshness

When in kitchen my sense of smell is again delirious with many many things, however the time when I add garlic to oil, I know I am more alive in that moment.

And then again, the most gratifying smell in the world is to wash your face with soap and water, and with closed eyes grope for the towel and find it starched and ironed and smelling surf :) Thanks Amma

In the night when I walk in late, tired in my bones and all I see is my bed, its the inviting blanket and my bed that beckons. The familiar smell of my blanket once I slip into it, gives instant comfort and welcomes me into that peaceful sleep

Some of the most amorous aromas that I can never forget are:
  • Ma
  • Jaggery in her mouth
  • Dads old files
  • The kerosene stove
  • Hakka Noodles - The smoky Wok
  • Pears - The Soap
  • Fresh, Red Apple
  • Juicy Mango
  • His fur
  • That Old Trunk
  • Gas
  • Coriander leaves
  • Eucalyptus
  • Chana (chick pea)
  • Night queen - Raat ki rani
  • Broken milk for cottage cheese (process of making paneer)
  • Babies!!Johnson & Johnson minus poop :)?
  • Old Rupee notes
  • After bath smell of the bathroom
  • Fresh warm clothes - ironed by the coal Iron (Istri)
  • Him
  • kolapuri Chappals
  • Felt tip pen
  • Coffee!! ummmmm
  • developing studio
  • kangdi

Friday, November 21

Phir Dekhiye

Aankhon Mein Jis ke
Koyi Toh Khaab Hai
Khush Hai Wahi Jo
Thoda Betaab Hai
Jindagi Mein Koyi Aarzu Kijiye,

Phir Dekhiye

Honto Pe Jisake
Koyi Toh Geet Hai
Woh Haare Bhi Toh
Usaki Hi Jeet Hai
Dil Mein Jo Geet Hai Gunguna Lijiye,

Phir Dekhiye

Yaadon Mein Jiske
Kisika Naam Hai
Sapano Ke Jaisi
Uski Har Shaam Hai
Koyi Toh Ho Jise Apna Dil Dijiye,

Phir Dekhiye

Khwaab Buniye Zara,
Geet Suniye Zara
Phul Chuniye Zara,

Phir Dekhiye

Wednesday, November 12

May be silence is and will remain the best policy with matters that concern people. Kill the problem even before it is blown out of proportion.

Tuesday, November 11

A Jaunt to remember

And it was suddenly decided that We 'Bhumi' would go to Warangal for Rakesh's Bro's wedding. I was lucky this time as there was Kaddu for company. Things happened quite fast and quickly and the next thing I knew was being doled into Rahul's car with Harish... Looong drive on looong stretch of this snaking road that just kept going on and on and... We followed. :)

The drive was everything that most of the long drives with friends are :) Lots of laughs, and songs and karaoke and 'loose control!!' Some rather funny moments some fights over what songs should play and some scary-touch-me-not leg-pulling.

Great scenery - I swear Andhra roads are in such good condition when compared to other states. NH 202 took us through Hyderabad the city, to small towns and then villages, and lots of fields and smaller bleak and obsolete villages (This time there was lot of cotton growing apart from the usual wheat and rice.)

Starting early in the morning around 7 we reached Warangal at 11. A quick shower and change of clothes saw us transform from Wannabes and cool dudes to kurta pajama and suit clad good homey people. The wedding was way over by the time we finally parked our car. Such a different feeling to attend a small-town-wedding. Everyone who is anyone must have been there. Small delights watching girls in langa odni :) and flowers... Its been so long since i saw people adorn flowers as ornaments. And Indian Flowers to be precise - Wild roses and jasmine - No hybrid lot there!

Lapping on the food and then again we were off to Lakhnavaram. An obsolete lake (still not on Google maps) some 60 kms from warangal took us by surprise. If we NH 202 had taken us from cities through towns and villages. We now reached great expance of fields in varied colors and just a house between them. Barn owls and little birds the kallu man and his pots on the trees was a delight in every sight.

Lakhnavaram, was the icing. The fresh inviting water and the autumn leaves that caught to the trees for their lives with beautiful colors of autumn on display. The water all around and the sunset was just the most picture perfect and meditative moment I have ever lived in.
the tranquility and the stillness in the moments can be felt even when hooligans around :)

Dips in the water and lots of masti later we finally had to leave that beautiful place. It hurt to find out that the government has plans of commercializing the place. What about the stillness? The cleanliness in the air and the beauty in everything? Paved roads and ticket counters are most appealing to some I guess!

The drive that followed is forever etched in my mid. Stimulating talks over heart of the matter things with Mujeeb driving the car with kaddu in the navigators seat :) I have an uncanny feeling that I a car person, be it driving, or traveling. I love cars and its like a basic instinct come alive - especially on highways. Thanks Dad! For taking us all over the world in your four wheels. :)

We stayed at the guest house of the National Institute of Tech. Warangal - Perks of having a friend who is an alumni. The night was still young I guess, cause what followed was tuned guitar and percussion and songgggsss... :) Thats how that one day ended. :)

The next day we explored the Thousand Pillar Temple, the Warangal fort (drive through). My cam was sadly not available as I had no battery! So... Sony ericson phone sufficed to leave us some memories. That evening we left in a bus. Bringing our all too lively jaunt to an end.. leadng us back into the world of noice and cars and the usual city ramble. Hmmpff What a week it was! :)

Louly place, Louly people, And Louve! :) What more can someone ask for?

Thursday, November 6

Fresh Ho Jao!

A fresh perspective thanks to the new ads on TV. My favorite, hands down is the Limca Fresh ho jao ad - 2008 . The most outstanding thing about the ad apart from beautiful camaraderie between the actors and some great camera work, is the song that makes a lot of difference to the ad.

Here is how the song goes, and a literal translation for my not-so-fluent-in-hindi-speaking-friends! :)

Phuhare, bouchare, nazare chura lo na, kuch boondein chura lo na.
Thanki si zindagi se, ruki si zindagi se kuch lamhe chura lo na.
Kuch Yaadein aur sapney apne chura lo na

Oh! thaki si zindagii se, ruki sii zindagi se raftaarein chura lo na.
The girls singing, taunting... requesting lover, singing
"Fountains, showers, and beautiful scenery... steal them, steal them please.

Steal a few drops of them..
lets steal it from this tired life.

Lets steal them from this "halted" life
come steal a few moments please
some memories, some dreams, lets steal them please...
oh this halted life, this tired life; lets steal the speed (life) from it... please..."

Destiny vs Free Will

I have been thinking, the various decisions that I have consciously made, in past (and will in future as well) - Are they really mine? Or was it a silent "divine intervention." Was it destiny that lead me to them or my conscious self talking?

Simple things I have done to life changing events like going to St. Francis, Applying for Mass comm making some beautiful friends for life time or meeting Vamsi or joining Google, or finding Bhumi. Sometimes, I like to thing that it was a conscious decision which makes me feel responsible, and sometimes I like to think it was destiny which led me to it which effectively makes me (what?).

However, at this point in time I am thinking that its both. Partly destiny and partly conscious choice. Certain things are just meant to be, you will find what you are seeking ( and that it comes to you). And if you are seeking then its your destiny.

Choice comes into place when you reach a part of the road map destiny has mapped for you and you are standing at the crossroads. its when you decide to do that thing you do (or not do) which again sets the ball rolling and destiny is at work again taking you to either the map chalked out or creating a new map followed by your decision.

Which makes me believe that there is no wrong or right in this life. There is all that I can do, and most time, I as an individual prefer to feel responsible for myself. And so, I rarely disregard my free will and almost always like to tickle the destiny's spirit of adventure.

Richard Bach is a great read in this regard, would like to touch bases back with him, once again.

To that Cheers!