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Wednesday, March 7

Longest time, no see... (The Present State Of My Mind)

Hello  :)

Its been longest ever since we spoke to each other, I know! Yup, lots has happened since my last soul-post. Lots of life changing event as we call it. Yup, I got married. Yup, I left Google. Yup, left hyderabad and all that was home. Yup, moved to the US.Yup, have my 'own home'. And my 'own' husbamd. :D (I know, bad joke, I've gotten hugely rusted!) coming back to what I was telling you - Nope, marriage wasnt the reason why I stopped writing. "then why and what?" you ask. Well, if you want to know... after all these changes in my life, I had many many conflicts as you can imagine. With the world, with the 'new room mate', with old hearties at home, and mostly - myself.

During all that I just had no idea what and how was the best way to write and share my state of mind - also cause it was sooo dynamic. Today it was jumpy and the next moment it was downright troubled. Had I chosen to write then, I would have only confused the situation further. To add to this distressed state of being, I had very little access to internet and a keyboard. Now however, I do, albeit temporarily and I plan to make good use of it.

I have also been playing with several ideas in my head almost every single day. And today I wanted to take this opportunity to share it with you all, and also get your feedback on it.

So, since I have moved here, I am not really the same Samvidha anymore. I mean I am still the same, but there's a lot that's changed around me. Lot of interesting things I have done and tried doing, lot of things that have become a part of my lifestyle thanks to a happy-to-be-creatively-involved-spouse & lets-try-this-as-well feeling. So, in the last 6 months, I have gotten involved in pottery, quilling, tango, weaving, metal jewellery designing, cooking, baking, and origami. And so, this makes me a new and improved and more interesting Samvidha - dont you think? :)

So, with all this happening, I wanted to have a place (a blog?) to post and share what I have done recently with you all. This was not only to understand the progress I make within each of the activities, but also to share with you these extremely small yet significant accomplishments and insights while I am at it. Of course this includes all the feedback and pat-on-the-back as well from you all. So, I thought at first, may be I should start a food blog but then I realized that doing a food blog wouldnt do justice to the rest of the activities. Also, my sole passion isnt just food! So, I am thinking about something like a "SamStaysActive" page. I dont know, I am yet to decide on a nice name (any suggestions, do share them - please :)). Another variation of the same thought was that I could also make it a Samvidha&Vamsi page where I could share things that both of us do including glass blowing which is very much vamsi's forte.

So, how do you like the idea? Help me decide, please! Would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions or variations of it.Anything - just anything!

Oh, and yeah & lastly here's a song to soothen those nerve. Its called Delicate by Damien Rice.