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Monday, September 29

Love, an endless charade.

Love, what a charade. Too much of it in this world, everyone seems to be in love. The world no longer pretends to be made of such things as music and promises but announces it true nature, which is love.

The happiness on all sides is endless and ever deepening. This we spin, and spin, and spin trying to turn a moment of pleasure into forever, but why not lets make the most of it now, because it never lasts long. Always there is something that comes along, ready to spoil it.

An extract from Animals People - Indra Sinha.

Tuesday, September 23

Little Things - Julia A. F. Carney

Little drops of water,
little grains of sand,
make the mighty ocean
and the beauteous land.

And the little moments,
humble though they may be,
make the mighty ages
of eternity.

Little deeds of kindness,
little words of love,
make our earth an Eden,
like the heaven above.

So our little errors
lead the soul away,
from the paths of virtue
into sin to stray.

Little seeds of mercy
sown by youthful hands,
grow to bless the nations
far in heathen lands.

:) one of the poems i sing very often. If not for Google, I would have taken me loong to figure who penned it down.

Monday, September 22

Of Bombs and Booms!

And Boom! Rang that noise.
Everything was quite
A quite chill for seconds
before the fury came alive.
Of pain, and loss and cries.
The tears flowed with the rain and
the red of the blood that stained.

The roads flowed with flesh and blood
and the garbage stayed upturned
Shouts and hollers of life attuned
In the night the dead returned.
Iraq, Iran and America
Kashmir and Pakistan
Heard them say those things
the cries, and shouts and regular bombings.

Then the sound came closer
and until Hyderabad they came
then it was turn of Surat,
lets not forget Ahmadabad the same
Mumbai topped the list
while Bangalore was tested and tried

and then back to Pakistan with 60 dead, they cried..

countless cities amidst
countless cries of pain.
That sheered Saree
and the blasted limp
the odd shoe of my Muslim kin.

Destruction and death
grows on me
Like the branches of a tree
The roots go deep
not even the sap can seep

What can happen and how.
The question of whats in store
do we have a safe today, forget tomorrow

finding safe, and wanting safe
thats what I keep thinking about
anywhere or nowhere
finding it would make me mighty proud.

The rash that never dies
and the fire that burns my heart out,
need a spray, to paint them
or a rope to tie them
Oh!bring on those hoses dear firemen
lets see you wash them down
Bring out the buckets dear neighbors
lets all clear them out
One by one, we will take our turn
and fill the world to the crown.

If there is so much pain
lets for once pray and bring in the rain
Lets wash those tears out
and let the silence talk about
the love, the life and
the beauty in every heart.

To all the ones who smiled.

Wednesday, September 17

A lil girls Memory, and her fathers song.

Preface: Before you start reading, let me fill in the gaps. My dad was a fighter pilot most of my 'lil girl life'. Off the many parties I have been to with him, the most memorable remain the bachelor parties. The excitement in the air and the music. It doesn't seem to evade me, ever. Although these memories are blocked, here was something that brought back the energy afresh. Bachelor Boy, a classic by Cliff Richard I heard someone humming in the corridor. An instant later, I had to ask him what was the song. The stranger told... and then I heard.

Here is the email I subsequently wrote to dad, and his subsequent reply.

Dear Dad,

They say the imprints of some music you hear when you were a child never leave you.

I am not sure how far it is true, but when I heard someone humming this song, I had some distinct and clear visions. I could see a band, and white... may be the uniform that was white, or the snow, or the sheets, or the paint of the room, or the socks I wore. I must have been really tiny cause my line of vision seems to be below the torso level. :) But I do know that I was instantly filled with so much happiness and love, and something else...

I could clearly visualize holding your hand while the song played. Was there dancing too? Were there bumps as well? I remember laughing, and happiness, I also remember you singing, or may be humming it... I am not sure.. but the picture it created was amazing. One song that I distinctly remembered and although I could not recall when and where I had heard it.

Do listen when you can.


Dads reply...

Hmmm...must have been some sqadron party and group singing as far as I can recollect. Could be Kervincop uncle in srinagar/udhampur/hindon...he used to sing
with the guitar. But you were too small then...less than 2.


"Ha ha ha. May be." I replied saying "How does it matter? It brought back some beautiful memories to me."

Like I said, Do listen to the song.

Monday, September 1

Bangalore relived.

Got back from Bangalore this weekend. My belief on everything happens for a reason is now set for life. Just a few months earlier I was all depressed ready to give up on life (A metaphor man...) cause I couldn't attend my cousin- Suruchi's wedding.

Today, I feel blessed. I am soo glad I went to Bangalore on this impromptu trip. Bangalore as a place has more malls than I can even count. The brigade road and the IT parks make it what it is known today. Every turn in Bangalore leads to a theater, or a mall. The one that that you cant ignore is how well dressed everyone is in Bangalore. Really! I was mighty surprised!.

  • Highlights of Bangalore
  • Maghaii Pan.
  • Death by chocolate
  • The Bangalore rain,
  • The funny caps the traffic police wears
  • The HUGE road crossings!
  • Brigade road,
  • Sarjapur road,
  • It parks scattered all over
  • Sun City
  • FM radio that played on all traffic signals, entertained.
  • Bangalore traffic,
  • Infini'tea.. a place where only tea is served.
  • Trek on Nandi hills
  • Beta, Motu, gagan and gauri, Amar
  • Hyderabad's Biryani
  • Suruchi and Gobind - Truly Inspired.

Thank you for an amaazing week. I am going to relive every moment many times over, in several lifetimes.