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Thursday, August 11

In Your Loneliness Lies My Misery

My dear friend,
dear lover
of life, of things

in your loneliness
lies my aloneness

Thursday, June 30

Problems dissolve

when you are inclusive, not exclusive.
connected, not disconnected.
open, not closed.

choose love, love, love love. 

This Mental State Of Mine

This mental state of mine,
troubled, troubled,
that amplifies;
The one that I can't seem to find.

This mental state of mind,
fumble, fumble,
that defies;
The one that brings peace of mind.

This mental state of mine,
stumble, grumble,
that alluding sunshine;
The one that makes everything seem fine.

Sunday, June 19


Five, one year longer than the four
we knew each other for.
Those days when the skies looked
blue and the wind blew through
our heads, my skirt, your shirt
the red in our hearts bursting through
our skins, our fingers our toes.

Five is one year longer than the four
we knew each other for.
Before we said I do, before we danced
to the silver tunes. Before we said
there will be no goodbyes. Only you and only
I. Before we took the vows into our skins
and bones. And made a life that is our own.