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Tuesday, November 17

Here's to songs then...

Have you ever spoken to someone through a song?

I have.

When I was a child, my mum did. She sooo did, and still does. When I grew a little older, I did too.

My little sister, Suk and I crooned over several songs which had a big effect on our adolescent minds. Yes, even love was defined somewhere then for us as well. So were other emotions, anger, shame, shy, coy, furious, happiness, friends, and of course life.

Life to us was through the music we heard sharing the headfones of the old sony walkman that we shared, possesed rather proudly. We would sleep into the night with the music playing in each of our ears, singing softly with the song. Or, shaking our bodies (muscles more like it) to the beats of the songs.

Friends came along, friendships happened. Heart grew fond of some, and unfond of few along the way. Everyone moved on, and moved away but all through music stayed. Some of my earliest memory are of making 'my friend' listen to the song especially a stanza again and again, cause it beautifully expressed my emotion in the simplest way. Kids those day I tell you ... :D

Then came a time, when I disapproved this act of talking through songs completely. I thought that it too frivoulous, repetive and common. And not original. And so, I slowly but quietly despised and distanced myself from anyone who remotely had a tendency in that mode of expression.

But every now and then, I would come across this one song that would remind me of that one day, that one person, that one feeling...

Thats when I started dancing. My songs were not just expressions and words helping me communicate or convey to a third person. There was now a way for me to understand myself, my body, my moods - and my swings. Something, I was unaware existed and had barely noticed until then.

Somewhere between this and that, I met them. Music to them was life, like me. And they held a bigger treasure within themselves. Our world was small, and we like nomads between transition would start strumming and singing. Every song had a happy ending, and every word had a promise of a jet plane. Later when it all came to an end, it was earmarked with the graduation song in the end.

Music continued to play a big part in my life. A way of opening a new conversation with a stranger. Or expressing interest in others interest. Or even making bonds that last a lifetime.
Sonsg have that magic for me.

Nowadays, I listen to a song when I feel happy. I listen to a song when I am sad. I listen and dance when I feel elated.

And sing along when I am...well.... just I am :)

Here is the one that I have been humming for a while. Iktara, from wake up sid :)
Yes, I am talking through this song :D

Wednesday, November 11

Things I must do after I quit Google

  • Learn French
  • Learn Adobe Photoshop
  • Buy A lens
  • Get back on with Bhumi
  • GMAT
  • Get A Permanent License