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Sunday, October 26

Diwali ...

Time to spend time with them, the beloved ones.
Time to enjoy their smiles,
As the sparkle lights your eyes
And makes our lives bright.

Time to enjoy what others gave you
Time to light those lights
As the crackers catch the spark
And bright the sky is lit in the night.

आप सब को मेरी तरफ़ से दीपावली की डेर सारी प्यार भरी शुबकामनाएं

Friday, October 17

Another one, another day.

At blue cross, with our pup look alike.

She Survived the night (Wooohoo!) and survived the bumpy auto ride(WhOhA!) ... and the bike ride! (Yayy!) Blue cross doctor had a look at her and explained that her lower beak was broken. Chances of survival were very low. Although they would wire her beak so it would hold together, not sure if she would be able to eat anything.

One of the pups for adoption

For now she is being taken care of. So beautiful and so pretty. And still so egoistic :)
I admired the way she fought each time the box was opened, fought for her freedom, fought to be out there where she belongs.

:) Some pictures of the ones who 'Made It' with candid pics for memories :)

The lil birdie who sang songs - We called her madam curie paani poorie

Thursday, October 16

Another one...

Another one...

A baby Dove, a baby stork, an injured sparrow, a blinded pigeon, a baby crane, an abandoned injured pup, a lil baby bird that sang the sweetest songs, and now a baby kingfisher. If I tried to count where and when this chain of babies entered my life, it wouldnt be easy for me to be able to recall the day and the date when they started coming into our lives, all I do know is that they just would come. Come to us, or we would find them. Somehow, we (my lil sisters) and I would find them ( these lil babies with lil hearts beating in them ) either at our door step or somewhere. Each one with their own stories....

Most of the times their tiny little hearts beating with a lil bit of effort were too fragile to save. There are no "success stories." It came naturally to us to get attached to them, even if they were with us for a few hours. We have tried to take care of them as best as we could. Some left me bleeding in my heart, and some leaving us so out of breath. The first one that died on us was the baby dove. It was our baby, the first one and when we took it to grave I felt like my heart was but in a plastic bag and sealed with no air to pass. Rusus passed away, and we decided that we wouldnt get another for as long as we could.

Then, they started trickling into our lives, the kittens were the cutest. Also, the nautiest and the ones that survived. May be cause they are mammals and have the basic instinct to survive. The baby stork was bravely sent back into the park, and the the baby crane was abandoned on the road, cause I was very scared of it and the BIGG beak it had. Yea Yea, the guilt I feel to have left it standing when I could have helped it had I overcome my fear still lasts. The most recent was the lil black pup who Sukriti brought home after she woke to hear him howling. It was injured and very weak. Someone said that it was abandoned by some kids who had taken the rest of the litter. We kept him that day,and he slept that night. We had decided to take it to Blue cross the next day cause other wise it wouldn't survive, we knew. We did go to blue cross the next day but he dint come with us. With the lil energy he had, he had slipped away from our house and although we had searched every alley we weren't able to find him. That night he came back and we were glad to see him although, he dint last to see that night.

Today, I was out trying to lock the gate of my cousins home, and I see this bird trying to reach high enough with the little strength her wings had. I see that with all the effort she puts in, she doesn't reach half the six feet wall. Her feathers are distinct, turquoise and brown. Her beak think and open. Somethings hangs out from it and she seems to not be able to close her mouth. I first go close and she feels my presence and tries to fly past the wall. Nothing. I go in and get a cloth so I can catch her, she again senses my presence and is scared. So she flies blindly in the opposite direction and hits straight into the other wall, beak first. There she lies unconscious when I finally get a hold of her. Still too young I can see doesn't have strong feathers to fly, yet. I look at her mouth and find something hanging, I try and pull it out thinking its something thats stuck in her neck. After a lil pulling (I feel so terrible for doing that ) I realized it was her tongue that was twisted in this weird way. It was dark, almost nine when I got her inside. Put her in a shoe box. By then, she had recovered from her shock and was ready to escape from me. Scary and angry she is at me for putting her there.

She now sits inside the shoe box. I have given her some water and I want her to survive. I cant bear another one to die on me. Its too much to take.

I am waiting for it to be morning again. Please be with me, dear god.

Friday, October 3

Shadows That Abet.

Someone said love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition.

Question: What if you two start wanting completely different things in life?

What happens to The recognition. The acknowledgment. The Record. The faith.

Questions Unanswered.

My soul needs some peace for now. But how would it R.I.P if my mind and me do not sleep?

For now, watch the shadow dance.