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Tuesday, June 17

Dot your 'i's and Cross your 't's

This is not the only thing that I remember of my English teacher every time I think of her. An awe inspiring person who is so deeply etched that sometimes I can easily compare the similarities between her and me. A fair judge of character and the most enthusiastic teacher I studied under. I do not know how she is now neither do I know where she is, but if there is something I do know, then its surely that feeling that takes me back to my 6th std (and on...) Where she started teaching me English.

I had never had seen, or met, a teacher as enthusiastic about her subject, the children she taught, and the class she taught in, as her. Alive every minute. I have ceased to remember what was in the books that I so religiously carried in my bag to school. How ironic that teachers are not given as much importance in our life as books are, while its mostly them that keep the spirit of a subject alive.

I love English for the stories it gave me, and for the poems I read, more over I love it cause all my best memories of classrooms and school go back to English.

The way each character came alive every time the reader found its way on to Hemalatha Ma'am or Nagireddy Sir's hands. The magic they created with simple narration, anecdotes to add, and a wonderful smile they had for everything else. It just brought out the best in them - the books, the teacher, and of course the class. Thanks to them, my love for the 'subject' carries on. More over my respect for teachers and enthusiasm for teaching lives on.

Dotting my 'i's and Crossing my 't's, I move on.

Monday, June 16

IQ = 110 (seriously?!)

So, i was browsing, and So i was reviewing some advertisers website for his landing page quality. I was only trying to do my job, and I must say that the website was pretty interesting and distractive. So, after 3 minutes of review, I am distracted. I do not realize that I am distracted by the attractive virtual world that we live in, until the time I am about to close the link, and get back to the pile of work that has collected.

So this website has nothing that mesmerizes me. Only one thing keeps flashing in my mind, right in front of my eyes "Test Your IQ Now" and so, without giving it a second thought I say "why not?" Two minutes into the page I am furiously writing some numbers trying to figure out the best answer. And expecting no results. After about 20 questions, I finish the test. Get my results.

Whats the result? I have an IQ if 110. Above average! Wow I am surprised to the core.
Above average? when? how? :) Tee Hee. I am not complaining. So, the wows for 'I am not Severely challenged.' I was never expecting my scores to tilt towards the genius too :) But, Yea. I am surprised.

The screen shot of the scores and the comparative results you can see. 34.1% of the people who take the test tend to fall in that bracket. Just random FYI. :)

Saturday, June 14

Your Body. Your Rules.

So, I have been watching ads on Youtube. Each with a real awesome slogan and some kick ass attitude to throw around. The best I found were these condom commercials. With the byline thats reads 'your body your rules.' and I am totally for it.

Here I am trying to find my niche and I realize that whatever 'that' means, I want my head on my shoulders and my heart in the right place. But most importantly I want the right attitude, that lets me say "Yes", when I want to, and "No" when I dont.

No words to mix, no emotional quizzes. Just black and white and nothing else in between.

Its not about the activity 'sex' that I limiting this attitude to as goes the commercial, It it goes beyond it. Hence rephrasing it, My life. My Body. My Rules. And really, if you want to shop peacefully, and don't want the same kid in your life - Wear a condom! :) If you do, enjoy

Thursday, June 12

Awim-a-wep | Awim-a-wep |

Oh! HowI love this song. I can go loony watching the hippo sing Oprah while the doggie does the jig.
And unlike people who hate to make a fool of themselves in a crowd, or someplace, I very much like the experience of forgetting who will think what, where, and how.

Somewhere in between, I had become too shallow, for my own standards. What happened to the simple joys of having the freedom to watch what you want without any inhibition, what about the freedom to work at your own convinience? what about the freedom to approach anyone (ahem, I mean anyone!) and share a joke? or just smile...
Thankfully,I have come out of that shell now. All that is in the past, a point in the past. Now, my history.

The credit goes to 'The Freaks' who, given a chance would just love to sing the loony song. And then Google, for nurturing this loony side of me by placing loonier people around, and not pushing me to become a 'hot shot corporat'ishly dressed skinny woman :)

A workshop called 'Be Google' was conducted for us (one of the most open platforms for exchange of ideas and the Googliness I see around.) What I like d the most about the workshop was this feeling that remained from the beginning until the end - I am Google.

When the workshop came towards its end, I was overwhelmed with the feeling of how I am caught up with my own fears, my work load and the daily drowning drudgery of living due to which I have ceased to realize what a wonderful world it is.

Google is wonderful indeed. The culture we have, the culture we imbibe, and share and pass on. The facilities I get to use, The people I get to meet, mingle, and make friends with. Bonding. My team So happy and cheerful. Very rarely can you get a combination of all of this (I guess you never do.) And the freedom.

So, I am not going to be a cribbing goddess anymore. There is much more to Google, and being a Googler than what I saw and felt in the past. There is so much more to my world. Although, I do miss the walks in the cloudy monsoon. And of course, the outside world! My priorities have not changed. Yet, suddenly i want to love everything around me. Appreciate it for all that its worth.

The passion and the compassion that each person has for the other is a wonderful feeling. This time, this feeling i would love to remember, I want it to last. Like a love affair, I rather remember the heated, light hearted romantic moments shared than the sad, and depressing times I seem to focus a lot of my energies on.

I may be anywhere in the world. I will remain a Googler at heart, wanting to carry on forward this culture, the tradition, the innovation, the freedom, and the open and friendly ways to a next level. A new height and a whole new beginning.

I am once more falling in love with you - Google

Wednesday, June 11

I cant change.

I have gone back dreaming
So you must lead me through the day
I will touch you night time
And in the loveliest way

I would feel the sunlight
But I could burn from everywhere
Now you must make me a shadow
I will shine for you in there

I can't change
I can't change
I can't change

My angel took her promise
And left with the worst of lies
How will there ever be a future
If everyone just dies

I can't change
I can't change
I can't change

I have gone back dreaming
So you must wake me in a while
You will see me leaving
You will get my morning smiles

My angel made my difference
Like no one really can
She left me here to love you
Please love me if you can

Monday, June 9

So... I love the spider!

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout
Down came the rain and washed the spider out
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain and
The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout.

I have always been inquisitive about this creepy, quick as a wink, eight legged creature that walks on the walls, jumps between two pillars and post, and I find it slier than a cat.

When i was young, what surprised me the most was to discover intricately woven web in all the cracks and crevices of my hiding places, each time I crawled into one. The spider was always there, much before me. The various cupboards that were dark and dingy, or if you scrap the bark of a tree, between the leg of a chair, or even the roof of the dining table.

Then, most of my reaction involved staring at the web and this eight legged arachnid's and slowly seeing my mind web a horror story of the spider jumping on me. Remember the
lil miss muffet story? And lo! that was all it took for me to pop out of my hiding, thoroughly shaken and scared. Deciding to never to go into that dark and scary place again.

Since then, my relation ship with the spider has only grown. From shitting on the pot for stretched hours, watching it walk on the wall -horizontally upwards towards its prey. To finding webs each having its intricate homey feel. Sometimes, feeling lucky to see its prey caught in between. No. I am not a heartless person. Yet, I confess that I was too involved with my spider to give its pray more than a seconds attention in counting.

When watching was not satisfying enough, I started touching them, squishing them between my fingers to see the whitish liquid ooze out. Silently watching it twitch it's legs until it bit me on my finger as I saw it die. Ummm blame it on a
child's curiosity ?!

To conclude, yeah, in one sentence I am inquisitive and mildly attracted to spiders.

So, when I remembered this song from my past I was compelled to sing it aloud. Made both my
cube'es dread my singing at first, and then inspired them to sing along. And now, I am sure my memories with the spider will be etched in both their life history forever. Oh! not to forget how I tortured Vamsi, who was doomed to hear my hysterical cry (read: the song ) in all its glory.

Do sing along. :)

Tuesday, June 3

Into the sky.

Spent the whole evening watching,
a cloud churn out shapes for me
From the scary wolf of the red riding hood,
to the old wise man from the sea.

It was all cool and dark this night,
bleak, distant stars twinkling in the sky
The wind was blowing high up,
while down here, the breeze gave me company.

Finest summer spent with thee,
drawing figures with fingers
Etching out shapes from within
on the stark black infinity.

Fighting fears with dolphins
and the monsters hidden underneath,
or watching the dog chase the bee
all within this cloudy glee

So I gazed on and on for long
as the wind sang its own sweet song
until the world beneath me vanished
leaving the night sky to call on.

Thats when world came
to a sudden halt; screeching
to a stand still, not a summersault
stilling the time in my memory

The night wore on in eternity,
long after the morning came
and a reckless sense happiness
stayed on within me.

:) sky gazing - I love it endlessly.