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Wednesday, November 11

Things I must do after I quit Google

  • Learn French
  • Learn Adobe Photoshop
  • Buy A lens
  • Get back on with Bhumi
  • GMAT
  • Get A Permanent License


Aristurtle, Pepsi and Me. said...

Great List sam, add Hang with French mam before she leaves...

When are you quitting Google ?

Paresh Masade said...


why the hell you want to quit GOOGLE!!

there cant be any other nightmare!

wild wings and open skies. said...

:) @Aristurtle, Pepsi and Me, please tell me where you are going, and how soon.... !:(

@Paresh, dearest sweetest paresh.. have you heard of that wise proverb that says 'all that glistens is not gold' :) I love this place as well, but its time to move on. How soon is the question :)

Paresh Masade said...


what do u want to do? Cant you do all those being at google?