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Wednesday, November 24

Understanding a Vamsi; Understanding a Free Spirit

Often insignificant conversations bring you to understand the most significant things about life. Today, one of the most insignificant conversations with the man made me feel how inherently free and spirited he is. How he is made out of the jungles and grasses and animals and rocks and birds and trees. Just like in the free times. Just like in the olf old times.

I could picture him running wild with the wild as we spoke. The sun moved from the east to west following his pace.

It was a harsh reality that in the space of virgin and untouched wild wild lands, the spaces were now filled with building and parks. And in the space of the free animals the place was milling with herds and crowds of people. My vision of seeing him leap high towards the sky, suddenly shattered as there was nothing to cushion his jump. No lush green grass - only concrete that struck.

And with that, I feel dejected. And de-spirited. 

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