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Friday, September 24

Well Played, Time. Well Played.

Sometimes life takes you too far from where you were standing, too fast too for your understanding.
Sometimes you find yourself in places where you never thought you'd see yourself at.

Sometimes, in life, you will find that before you can infer from the course of events as to what is really taking place, you may have drifted too far apart. Sometimes, you can see yourself drifting, mesmerized by the slow motion at which you are set adrift; you think you can close your eyes and still  just be around. Alas, before you wake up to realise, you are far too long gone and away to come back where you were, caught unaware by the motion of the rapid forces of the erstwhile slow and gentle liquid  .

Time is steadfast yet dynamic. It stares at you blankly, slowly ticking those seconds deceiving you to believe that you are in solitude.That you have a moment to spare - to wait, to let go. The sporadic movement to me meant that things will change but in time. How Conniving. How misleading.

Right now, all I can say is Time, played well.

Saturday, September 4

Insensitivity, slows crops into all my lives. Insensitivity comes with all the dis connectivity brought in. Insensitivity is all those things I do for myself. I am more for myself than for the other.

Disconnected. I had wanted to be - cause it pains less, hurts less as you are less involved. Disconnected I am so much that I put myself before me.

Its new for me, I am living it.