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Wednesday, March 16

Things I Love Love Love About Summer's At Home.

  • The summer's sunshine
  • The yellow blooms that recur year after year every summer and enhance the beauty of Hyderabad.
  • My grand mas voice. 
  • Green unripe mango (अमिया)with salt & pepper 
  • The sound of water coming from the bathroom filling the tub early morning.
  • Rover sitting by the mesh door with the light of the day falling on him - peaceful coexistence.
  • My mum and her smile. The bindi on her forehead. so close.
  • The comfort of pulling rover close and kissing him.
  • Watching sakshi grow every day. 
  • Water Melons.
  • The comfort of a cab; of being driven back home everyday
  • The taste of water from the clay pot.
  • The dying old table fan which lulls my dad to sleep. 
  • Watching my dad sleep and then slowy tip toeing to cover him with a blanket without waking him up.
  • Sukriti.
  • Taking off to Kaddu's place every time I need some heart to heart.
  • My desk. 
  • Mangalas shelter. 
  • cucumber & curd
  • 3 showers every day with soft warm water.
  • Smell of old novels waiting to be read. 
  • Surprise- Summer Showers
  • Munjal (मुन्जल् )
I want to capture so much into memories, pictures, whatever I can to remember and cherish these. 


Harini said...

Missing Hyd's summer already! My last summer was with you in Domalguda. Swimming lessons! Promise me, you'll go with me to that place to do a one-day swimming session! :)

wild wings and open skies. said...

Promise :)