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Tuesday, March 29

"Even if you fail at your ambitious thing, it’s very hard to fail completely"

Larry Page

Friday, March 25

Stakes are out and put across clearly.
Its I who they choose or I choose em dearly
Uncertainty, Choices, Life.
I will remember this phase where ever I be.


Thursday, March 24

Google, I Love You!!


Wednesday, March 16

Things I Love Love Love About Summer's At Home.

  • The summer's sunshine
  • The yellow blooms that recur year after year every summer and enhance the beauty of Hyderabad.
  • My grand mas voice. 
  • Green unripe mango (अमिया)with salt & pepper 
  • The sound of water coming from the bathroom filling the tub early morning.
  • Rover sitting by the mesh door with the light of the day falling on him - peaceful coexistence.
  • My mum and her smile. The bindi on her forehead. so close.
  • The comfort of pulling rover close and kissing him.
  • Watching sakshi grow every day. 
  • Water Melons.
  • The comfort of a cab; of being driven back home everyday
  • The taste of water from the clay pot.
  • The dying old table fan which lulls my dad to sleep. 
  • Watching my dad sleep and then slowy tip toeing to cover him with a blanket without waking him up.
  • Sukriti.
  • Taking off to Kaddu's place every time I need some heart to heart.
  • My desk. 
  • Mangalas shelter. 
  • cucumber & curd
  • 3 showers every day with soft warm water.
  • Smell of old novels waiting to be read. 
  • Surprise- Summer Showers
  • Munjal (मुन्जल् )
I want to capture so much into memories, pictures, whatever I can to remember and cherish these. 

Thursday, March 10

Nose Piercing: An Ordeal accomplised. Scratched Off The Bucket List.

Always wanted it, since college.

Dint have the guts then.

So, got the ears pierced.

Last year, had decided that on November 26, 2010
I ll pierce them. Well, I argued that as I was turning a year older, I must must scratch it off my bucket list.

So, I went to a parlour.She looked at my nose, closely. And said, the gun wasnt working.
Thinking that okay, that was just the first attempt, I started off in search for an alternate parlour or goldsmith.

That day was my lucky day, or so I thought. A feets distance from the last place lived a goldsmith.
I walked in confidently and spoke to him. He showed me this wire he had made with his own hands.
I coolly asked him what he'd do with it, thinking that definitely he'd have be hygine concious as it involves a lot of bloodshed. He looked me in the eye and said, that he was confident of his experience. And that I should rest assured he'd do a good job. I wanted to believe him. My next question was his fee. He told me 800 INR both for the wire and his service. Looking at the price, I thought, may be its best I leave it to him. Just at that time, a lady walked in covering her mouth. Then I asked him to explain exactly what he'd do.

In less than a minute my whole idea for going through this ordeal was washed. He said, he'd take the wire, hold my nose, and push it in. Aghast, I couldnt belive what I'd just heard. Thinking he had probaly missed the point in his enthusiasm, I pursued. So, I asked, So, you mean first you will clean and sterilize the wire. Next you will then heat it. Next you will check my nose to find a nerve, and last you will gently twitch the wire in.

His expressions told me I had gotten it all wrong. All of it. He explained that he had done it for many women before me and he knew exactly what he was doing. After saying this, he got occupied in sharpening the point of the wire - ready to treat me how it was described.

It took me less than a second to decide this wasnt for me. I rather keep my nose than have a hole as big as the moon for my life. I picked up my nose, and held it close to my heart. It wasnt my lucky day after all.

Many days later, after the initial shock. I entered a beauty parlour, relentless my mind reminded me I had to scratch this off my bucket list. The parlour was in one of the busiest places in hyderabad, chikkadpally. I went to the lady behind the counter and said 'nose piercing.' Sje looked up from whatever she was writing and said to me "follow the steps to the top floor and ask aunty."

Took a deep breath and thought, awesome today is the day. Took the stairs faster than ever to reach aunty; my savior. Time moved slowly then. Its funny how when you want time to move faster, the slower it gets. And when you want the time to standstill... well... we all know how that goes now, dont we?!

So, I finnaly succeded dragging my heavy legs to the top of the stairs and looked around. Theroom was filled with colored cloth all strewen on the floor. I tip toes over them, careful not to spoil them or disturb them. Under the huge pile of clothes I sighted a few sewing machines which explained the colorful blast of the tatters. I went through a door and saw the aunty. Finally, I got mentally prepared. Put my best smile forward and said '' Aunty, nose piercing?" Aunty turned around and looked at me thoroghly from top to bottom.
The time again strtched and passed slower when I wanted it to pass faster.

She never looked up from the haircut she was giving and nodded in my direction asking me to take the other chair. Ready, I took a deep breath. This was it, I could feel it. She then stopped the haircut and hollered in a loud booming voice a name illegible to my trained to hear cooling melodies ear. After many minutes, a small girl came out. She had a gun in her had, which looked like a tiniest version of an AK 47 to me. The girl must be around 8-9 shorter than sakshi. Wearning a half saree, she approached me and stood beside me. She pulled the drawer of the dresser and took a pen. She marked a few dots on my nose. Confident? Yes, Yes, Yes! My mind screeched) But I looked at the girl, so young and I thought; may be. And then, she was only drawing on my face, not really shooting me, I thought. She drew on my nose what I though would be a dot, instead there were 2-3 dots. I looked at them, I looked at her. "I wondered in awe how a young girl could be so sure." I then asked the aunty my savior who was still occupied in cutting someones hair, casually who'd do it. She cooly replied that the girl would be at my service under her supervision. I suddenly wasnt so sure any more. The girl was now loading the bullet-like-nose-stud on to the AK 47. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and the girl and the aunty. I could see it all like I was watching a movie. Something wasnt right. I remembed I had left my bike keys on the bike. I asked her if she could wait while I went and fetched them keeping my voice as still and confident as I had had when I had walked in about 10 mins back.

I took a deep breath and ran, not because I was scared to find my bike wasnt outside, but because I couldnt take the scene on the mirror off my mind. With the keys jingling in my pocket, I ran for my life and never looked back at the parlour again.

After this episode, I decided to not pursue this dream any more. May be it wasnt worth it - I told my self. And anyways, what kind of a conceited person was I to not look at the signs that were in front of me.

Days passed, and my nose was the least of my worry. Then, today, I was heading to meet Kaddu who had returned from Mumbai. I decided to reach her place be taking many detours and lanes instead of the main road as I wanted to avoid being caught by the traafic police for driving without a helmet. And because I wanted to avoid being stuck in a traffic jam. Lastly, I wanted to feel the beautiful sultry summer evening wind pass and gush through my hair.

I was humming one of my favorite songs and loving the weather when I saw "Glamour Beauty Parlour." I suddenly was reminded of my pursuit and decided to try again. I stopped my bike and went in. I asked not very hopeful this time after my previous encounters, "Nose Piercing"?
A lady really busy with cream in a her hands about to smear somone on the chair replied "Yes." I looked around, the parlour was neat and tidy and the girl was chinese. I causally asked what time would the parlour be open until.

She said 830, I walked out. Unsure of my return. I reached kaddus place and asked her if she wanted to come with me half expecting her to turn me down. She to my surprise was ready in less than 2 mins. We reached the place and I sat on the chair.

This time a lady walked in trailing behind was a small chinkii boy. She explained that she will be doing it. She opened a neat and steralised stud and took a gun which was white in color. AK 47s should be manufactured in all colors I think. It ll be a nice change for the user. She closely looked at my nose and searched marked a dot with a pen. She then asked me to check if she had marked it in the right place. I looked at the mirror, almost expecting for something to go wrong. Nothing did. I confirmed to the lady that the place was perfect and gave her a go ahead. I murmured something about having only one nose and that was in her hands. But  time this time moving slower when I wanted it the other way. I braced my self, and closed my eyes. Kaddus soothing voice telling me it would be all right. My jaws closed tight shut, and for a moment all the moment in time stopped - froze. I knew this was it. She told me told still, unknown to her that I had forgetton to breath, in the last few minutes.

Spaccckkk! she pulled the trigger, I jumped in my seat. Nothing. It was a bogie call. We all laughed, the air became instantly lighter within moments. The moment passed quickly, I again, took a deep breath. Had a one long good look at myself again in the mirror. That was the last I had seen myself with my naked-bare nose.
This time, zataackkk came the noise and it shook me from within. The gun had done its job. I knew now that if I opened my eyes, my nose now had a hole which was filled by a glistening shining stone. I opened my eyes and wiped the tears off my face which were blocking view of the mirror. After several futile attempts I could actually see in haze, my nose. When I looked down at it however, all I saw was a stone and rainbow colors shining brightly.

p.s Kaddu later told me that with the zatack noise there had been an ear piercing scream which had shocked everyone there. I definitely deserve this.

Tuesday, March 8

Venue booked

After 2 months of fanatic running from abids to ameerpet to begumpet to trimulgherry to mehdipatnam.

Glad its over :)

And delighted its what it is.