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Tuesday, March 18

Welcome, yellow's of summer so blue.

As March comes closer, the buzz at home only increases. Both my sisters have only two things on their mind - Exams and Holidays! This is the first time in my life when I see the summer approach us with open arms and not feel the excitement or the buzz in the air.

I do see the yellow blooms, across the stretch of tank bund road. They welcome the Spring while bidding farewell to the old man Winter. I just can’t help but stop and admire the colors of the early morning sun reflecting the yellow hues.

I remember vividly, how only just last summer, I would conveniently have an ear plug snuggled in my ears, our player playing ‘bitter sweet symphony’ while we hummed ‘cause it’s a bitter sweet symphony that’s life…’ we would drive along the necklace road on our bike, with the wind in our hair and the sunny breeze, the endless stretch of the road and the best company.

These days, I still drive the same way, but undoubtedly, I can only reminisce in the past. Suddenly, all that was yesterday seems to have stopped right there in its tracks. I travel in a chauffeur driven ‘cab’ with three other pretty cabbies, I rarely roll down my windows, scared that the wind will dishevel the neatly done hair do’s or of offending someone in the morning and getting at. It’s a compromising situation I agree. One of the situations I would jump out of instantly!

The breeze hence gets trapped outside our rolled-up windows. Not even an ounce escaping inside on the windiest days of Hyderabad. How easy it is to live in that moment, experiencing and feeling most of the smallest changes in nature and around, and not to think of the past, as the past has not taken place then.

But these days, most of my happy thoughts, take me back to my past, the time that had happened, or my future, the time that will follow. Almost all of my thoughts in ‘the now’ seem to redirect or circle around these entities of probabilities and memories.

My first summer, when I have no tensions of the approaching exams and their end results. Also, the first time, when i wont empathize or reflect everyone's enthusiasm of the approaching summer, and welcome break from school monotony. While most of my family would be home and I would be trapped in an AC enclosure, unmindful of the wrath of the summer's heat and work tirelessly and endlessly to only see the sunrise and hopefully catch the sunset!

For now, The sun shines on my window while we drive across the necklace road. If not the warmth of its slanted rays, I can see the glow on my skin and hair reflected by those rays of sunshine. I dwell in that little amount of heat my body absorbs. The yellows of the roads carry me to the time when I could feel, breathe and live with all of this as one entity.

The song though plays often in my mind.

“It’s a bitter sweet symphony that’s life.”

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