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Thursday, March 13

Transitioned Evolution

Today, while I was sitting on my comp, ready to start my day, I looked around me and saw how much of a transition has happened to me. A month ago, I hated it. All I could think of was, "this is horrible, I don't belong here." Today, its certainly different. I am more positive. Instead of seeing it as a change. I am seeing it as a 'transition' that comes when settings and situations change around you. I suddenly realized that this was really the perfect thing that could have happened.

Then I was not able to see myself work in a corporate, cause then I hadnt pictured myself in such an environment. Today, I understand its just the perception of your mind. How flexible are you towards yourself. The things I want to do... still remain my piorities. I must make a route map. See how I can steer my way to the route I had planned.

This is what I have to do. This is what I must do. For now, I am living in the moment. Thinking that I am making the most of this situation while it lasts. Here are a few words I had scribbled a little while ago. Now that I read it... It sounds bland. Still putting it up for records.

Evolution; life evolves, from a mere parasite to humongous dinosaurs, from dinosaurs to mammals that could walk the greatest expanse of the earth and birds that could fly across the highest mountains, to man. But did it stop there? No…
After man.. It was machines; just small inventions marked the beginning of a new evolution- a Revolution. Is it the genius of the nature or the genius of psychological want of man to work towards a better a more convenient living? To improve the various methods and facilities around him for a more comfort that could simultaneously cater and suffice all his needs.
Technology did not begin with the invention of the telephone, or the aeroplane, or the light bulb, or even the computer. It began with the basics of ‘wants and needs’. The mercantile needs of Man made him cross oceans and seas.

Fast forward to a time when almost every one is connected to anyone, any where in the world.. The pace of life is fast and revolves around convenience, comfort, security.
Internet has made it possible. Markets have expanded not just in terms of geography; it even caters to people’s need for more variety. All this, just by a click of a mouse and a combination of a few numbers!

It doesn’t stop here, evolution continues as requirements develop.. And commerce is the key to measure the evolutionary growth. Yesterday a computer, today a blackberry.. Tomorrow…? The growth is constant, the change is too… beyond ones imagination and ahead of us through centuries…

What we can do.? Shop till we drop because come what may… today is just another day.

Thats It For Now Folks!

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