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Monday, June 16

IQ = 110 (seriously?!)

So, i was browsing, and So i was reviewing some advertisers website for his landing page quality. I was only trying to do my job, and I must say that the website was pretty interesting and distractive. So, after 3 minutes of review, I am distracted. I do not realize that I am distracted by the attractive virtual world that we live in, until the time I am about to close the link, and get back to the pile of work that has collected.

So this website has nothing that mesmerizes me. Only one thing keeps flashing in my mind, right in front of my eyes "Test Your IQ Now" and so, without giving it a second thought I say "why not?" Two minutes into the page I am furiously writing some numbers trying to figure out the best answer. And expecting no results. After about 20 questions, I finish the test. Get my results.

Whats the result? I have an IQ if 110. Above average! Wow I am surprised to the core.
Above average? when? how? :) Tee Hee. I am not complaining. So, the wows for 'I am not Severely challenged.' I was never expecting my scores to tilt towards the genius too :) But, Yea. I am surprised.

The screen shot of the scores and the comparative results you can see. 34.1% of the people who take the test tend to fall in that bracket. Just random FYI. :)

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