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Saturday, June 14

Your Body. Your Rules.

So, I have been watching ads on Youtube. Each with a real awesome slogan and some kick ass attitude to throw around. The best I found were these condom commercials. With the byline thats reads 'your body your rules.' and I am totally for it.

Here I am trying to find my niche and I realize that whatever 'that' means, I want my head on my shoulders and my heart in the right place. But most importantly I want the right attitude, that lets me say "Yes", when I want to, and "No" when I dont.

No words to mix, no emotional quizzes. Just black and white and nothing else in between.

Its not about the activity 'sex' that I limiting this attitude to as goes the commercial, It it goes beyond it. Hence rephrasing it, My life. My Body. My Rules. And really, if you want to shop peacefully, and don't want the same kid in your life - Wear a condom! :) If you do, enjoy

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