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Friday, August 8

Question - Why Is Vamsi So Irritating (Period)?

So here is a question that I have asked myself again and again, and again.

The answer he gave me was "cause he is a bad person" very convenient and dealt in a very Vams'ish way. I am still asking.

Well, after a lot of thinking these are the things I have realized that are directly linked to my irritation and his behavior.

  • I am pretty scary.
  • I refuse to give a good reason for being highly unresponsive at times.
  • I suddenly go dark and moody
  • I have a tendency to speak in riddles that he obviously does not understand.
  • I like to play around with my feelings and his, like wise
  • I rarely listen to him
  • I like to talk when he is talking
  • I like to irritate a sane man and lead to "almost retard" mental status.
  • I am very very stubborn (especially with him)
  • I have major mood swings that can shoo away any one, leave alone this one pup.
  • I can get angry and stay like that for a long time
  • I can get angry and keep throwing tantrums assuming that the poor guy would know whats happening.
  • I refuse to budge.
  • I love the time he gives me a lecture
  • I love it when his maturity and sanity over powers me and my mental habits and I shut up and listen.
  • I love the thrill of a fight with him
  • I like to get the answers straight while when its my chance to answer, I like to throw pebbles and bread pieces on the way.
  • I can be highly demanding.
  • I have a great habit - I assume.
  • I hate my work. Period. However, while hating it, I start hating everything around me, and make everyone miserable. Him the most cause he knows, understands, and loves me the most.
  • I like to go the long way, not the highway.
  • I love to see his patient side with me.
  • I love it when he is tender and sweet
  • I love the fact that he can make me feel like a small kid, who tried to steal the cookie from the jar and got caught.
  • I have a problem.
  • I like to be pampered
  • I like it when after the fight I can feel the concern in his voice.
  • I fill in the blanks of the physical void by chasing other things
When I am irritated, and I hurt others in the process. Especially someone who loves me leaps and bounds.

Question - is it true that you hurt those you love the most?


1 comment:

Vamsi said...

my dear darling.. both of us are troublesome at times and its not true that you are such a nasty girl.. hope to learn more about you and be less irritating..