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Thursday, August 28

I Am My Own Clown.

Don't go by the way I look
Cause looks almost always deceived.
I have looked inside and looked beyond
Somewhere down it feels like
I am my own clown

Sad and desolete
I am not sure what I see
There is nothing beneath me
there is nothing over me

Cover me over,
cover me with a sheet
There is darkness all so obsolete
groping my way, the pain just seeps.

Tougher it gets to find that feeling
somethings remains inside me
am I the fallen leaf floating in the wind?
or the dying walking with a stick

Sleep comes over me and i fall
deep, delirious, and drunk
darkness calls me
and I know I have to go.

Not sooner not later
may be now
the time; they say is now or never
is it me or just the world

There is happiness even in pain
I see it in sunshine and the rain
I feel it when my heart skips a beat
like a kid sliding down a slope

My heart misses and finds its place
deep inside in me
thats where it sleeps, leaps
hops, skips and jumps.

Things go round, and come back to me
Listen, even if there is no sound
is it my heart or my head
or is it just me thats dying, may be already dead.

The feeling of pain, misery and disdain
what is with every sound
no smile, nothing comes around
my worlds standing still.

Come falling on me my wind
take me with you where ever you go
let me breathe in what you feel
let me take in what you see

jumping on to my pony
I want to reach, laughing,
places; when there is no sound
colors in me, and around

I am happy, I know
I am my own clown

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