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Monday, September 1

Bangalore relived.

Got back from Bangalore this weekend. My belief on everything happens for a reason is now set for life. Just a few months earlier I was all depressed ready to give up on life (A metaphor man...) cause I couldn't attend my cousin- Suruchi's wedding.

Today, I feel blessed. I am soo glad I went to Bangalore on this impromptu trip. Bangalore as a place has more malls than I can even count. The brigade road and the IT parks make it what it is known today. Every turn in Bangalore leads to a theater, or a mall. The one that that you cant ignore is how well dressed everyone is in Bangalore. Really! I was mighty surprised!.

  • Highlights of Bangalore
  • Maghaii Pan.
  • Death by chocolate
  • The Bangalore rain,
  • The funny caps the traffic police wears
  • The HUGE road crossings!
  • Brigade road,
  • Sarjapur road,
  • It parks scattered all over
  • Sun City
  • FM radio that played on all traffic signals, entertained.
  • Bangalore traffic,
  • Infini'tea.. a place where only tea is served.
  • Trek on Nandi hills
  • Beta, Motu, gagan and gauri, Amar
  • Hyderabad's Biryani
  • Suruchi and Gobind - Truly Inspired.

Thank you for an amaazing week. I am going to relive every moment many times over, in several lifetimes.

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Gaurav Arora said...

Banglore is very chilled out city and so its population ....
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