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Sunday, October 26

Diwali ...

Time to spend time with them, the beloved ones.
Time to enjoy their smiles,
As the sparkle lights your eyes
And makes our lives bright.

Time to enjoy what others gave you
Time to light those lights
As the crackers catch the spark
And bright the sky is lit in the night.

आप सब को मेरी तरफ़ से दीपावली की डेर सारी प्यार भरी शुबकामनाएं


Aristurtle, Pepsi and Me. said...

Yeass I agree.. Diwali!!!
A new moon night where zillions of stars fly in to the sky looking for the moon, they die down after seeing that the MOON became the smiles on our dear people's faces...

wild wings and open skies. said...
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wild wings and open skies. said...

:) A small 'big bang' in itself dont you think? After the sun burst into a hundred and thousand lil lights and dispersed them on to us in the night.

star light, diwali night - bright bright, little lights ;)