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Friday, October 17

Another one, another day.

At blue cross, with our pup look alike.

She Survived the night (Wooohoo!) and survived the bumpy auto ride(WhOhA!) ... and the bike ride! (Yayy!) Blue cross doctor had a look at her and explained that her lower beak was broken. Chances of survival were very low. Although they would wire her beak so it would hold together, not sure if she would be able to eat anything.

One of the pups for adoption

For now she is being taken care of. So beautiful and so pretty. And still so egoistic :)
I admired the way she fought each time the box was opened, fought for her freedom, fought to be out there where she belongs.

:) Some pictures of the ones who 'Made It' with candid pics for memories :)

The lil birdie who sang songs - We called her madam curie paani poorie

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