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Tuesday, December 23

Sparrow Dance

Sparrow dancing! Apparently, I dance like a lil sparrow :)

This came about while talking about 'Witch of Portobello - Paolo Coelho' with my cubie, and a good friend Archie, expressing how the book has transformed the way I dance.

:) Some transformation I say!

Best Compliment ever; I love sparrows :)

Post Script: This particular post has attracted attention from people worldwide, I guess because most of them wanted to see/read something about the dance of sparrows. Apologies, if this in any way has mislead you. For you all, I was fortunate to be able to shoot sparrows showering. These are Indian Sparrows found in Hampi, close to Karnataka. These pics, I hope, do not dissapoint you. Do leave your comments behind... its good to read your thoughts!

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