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Friday, January 23

Octapodi - About Love, Life & that chase...


Its a little love story of Octopus'

Was watching all the short films (Animated category) nominated for Oscars this year, and I totally fell in love with octapodi! The concept, the two octopus', the chase, the fun, the scare and Love.

I see it as a love triangle, taking place between pink octo' and the orange octo' and the man (who rightfully bought the pink octo.) And gradually I understood the reason for the man to chase the octopus' and the octopus to chase her love. Each one equally right in their own terms. The one who was empowered by the society, pocket and stomach, and the other bonded by heart, emotions and love. The movie although is a 2.25 mins duration is enough to live a life time through kaleidoscope. Again, this is my perspective. :)

And... even after the man is eliminated, the triangle lives on, again - a war with the matters of heart and stomach,

So.... Here's to the constant chase of Love and Life!

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