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Tuesday, January 27

Republic Day - Happy Samvidhan

Republic day, the reason why my name came to life. Samvidha, or Samvidhan (संवीधान) is the word for 'Constitution.' And Republic day denotes the adoption of the Constitution before the transition of India from a British raj to a Country governed by its people (republic) on On January 26, 1950. Its the reason why we are a free and independent country today and have an independent jury, laws and courts. This was only for those who needed a brush on their history ;)

Well, more on the story on how my name came about. It was the day my Father sat biting his nails outside the Trimulghery Military Hospital :) While My grandparents sat reading the 'Hindi Milap.' The head lines read that this was the day when the Indian constitution (
भारतीय संवीधान) was conceptualized and adopted many years ago, 1949 to be precise :) And so, right then my grandma decided, that if it was a girl (Which I am) the they would call me Samvidha :)

Therefore, this day is special to me in many ways. Mostly because it reminds me of the many people who connect me to this India I live in now. Thanks to the history lessons that eventually followed over the years aka Countless Story sessions with Daadi and Baba. :)

Here's to India, Indians, Bhumi. Cheers!

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