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Thursday, February 12

And so, the news around my world is all about how the Air India planes just missed crashing into each other. How Billu Barbar is now only Billu as Barbar hurts certain sentiments of a particular society. How the 'Pink Chaddi' campaign is catching up and how suitable it is to the attitude of RSS. How Pakistan has not charged Kasab yet and So on.

But the most interesting thing that came out of this discussion was the power of blogging. How just simple idea written with conviction and character on a topic that concerns several spread like wild fire (however weirdly dumb and inappropriate its practicality may be) among many. Ofcourse media, internet and word of mouth is certainly to be given the credit. :)

So, here is one of the videos that was floated around when the discussion persisted. Sharing it with you all as its a great one. Its called:

Iran: A Nation of Bloggers by Vancouver Film School (VFS)

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