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Monday, August 24


In the darkest corners of my life I dont see him as someone who I can depend on. I see him more as a menacing shadow that follows me and beckons me into darkness. There are time when the shadow cant be seen that's when there is a lot of light - my sunshine. Rest of the times, I just lie low, hiding, crouching, waiting for time to pass.

There are times when the hidden darkness in me shows, I know. Left alone, my paws and fangs can hurt - and over the years they have only . Scared I may hurt someone. Mostly myself, I lie and hide, away from him - my shadow - away from me.

He hears me loud he hears me clear. I my whispers are stronger and louder than shouts in his ears. I make some noise I can hear him - louder, closer. I just wish there was someone to hold on. This darkness never ends. And I know, even if I escape my life will be left behind in the shadows.

Can someone live without a life? I ll know soon.

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