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Saturday, August 15

And everyone deserves:

  • to have a bed to call their own
  • to have a door to privacy
  • to have someone to dearly love
  • to have freedom to wear what they want
  • to have a friend they can call at 4 am
  • to be able to cook when they want to
  • to be sexually expressive
  • to walk looking up at the sky
  • to carry anything anywhere
  • to leave when they want to
  • to feel secure
  • to play in the park
  • to not being frisked at every nook and corner
  • to feel healthy
  • to a good nights sleep
  • to look themselves
  • to express themselves without inhibitions
  • to dance in the rain
  • to say 'No, Thank you!'
  • their sunshine
  • to close others out
  • to feel liberated
Then, spiritual freedom will be free for all, and not limited to a few.
May be - like animals...

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