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Sunday, May 23

I am in my happy place :) No comments or posts from me for a while should be considered a positive thing.

His surgery went well and he chugging towards being awesome again :P I am visiting him in a days time. Cant wait :)

Laila's resided - too bad. I was enjoying the lovely weather out here. But the Met dept. says that monsoons will be here in no time. Thats great right? :) No complains - as much as I love the rain I love the sunshine too!

The Air India Crash (Boeing 737-800) recently near Mangalore was heart wrenching to hear. I have not switched on my TV or heard it on the radio, or read it in the newspapers. The news reported in writing, online were enough for me to understand the graveity of the situation. Blessed were the 8 who survived. Accidents happen, and lives are lost. There is a black hole that is left behind by the ones gone. And all you can do is miss them. There is nothing you can do about it. There is no more one can say. For people like me who are bystanders - we can only empathise for the pain. And think there time had come - lucky them.

Its a nice feeling to visit your blog in a long time, and find comments on posts from ppl you have never met. :) I have never advertised my blog. Its not on any of my social networks. I want ppl to know of it randomly. I feel that when you tell your world that you have a blog, they become biased towards you. I like my vulnerable - waiting to be surprised world.  Heart felt thanks for spending a whole lot of time your precious reading about me, and my life. Thank you for passing this space.

Peaceful tonight. ciao


Anonymous said...

Absolutely love your posts!! takes me to a different world....the art of writing I feel!! :)


Harini said...

Sammy... :) I'm glad that his surgery has gone well. I hope he goes through a less painful recovery. I'm going to miss you big time! :( We'll do some happy chat once you're back from your happy place!

Akkila Nellore said...
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