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Monday, October 4

Things on my mind:

1. CWG and Delhi; Kalmadi having the guts to stand on the stage and speaking on behalf of India. India; boo'ed.

2. The death of 7 elephants by a speeding goods train. The elephants were on the track to save two elephant kids who were stuck at the crossing. Elephants being the social beings that they are, couldnt abandon their offsprings and so stayed until their last breath. However, I wonder what the Train Driver was busy doing; blind to the travesties of the tracks. I dearly mourn them.

3. The 5 pups who have now grown into cutey balls of fur, and have the cutest and most funnest gait. They are just 4 weeks old and are looking for homes. Its so easy to give a dog home, they are no nonsense pets and condition and adjust to their masters life styles very well. My heart would die to see my babies go to blue cross instead of homes. Hope...

4. Babri Masjids Verdict: As much as I am amazed and surprised at the 'peaceful' proceedings after the verdict, I am not satisfied with it though. Where is justice. If two people quarrel for a land, do you just take a knife and cut it equally? What about rightful ownership? I am all for the muslims, and their cause. There was some wrong done, how can we ignore it as History? If we do, only then - History repeats itself. We must learn.

5. Gandhis birthday, and so was Lal Bahadur Shastri. I respect Shastri ji for his humble, yet strong nature. Some of his words and thoughts will continue to be a part of what I know as India's Freedom Struggle. Jai Jawan Jai Kisan and HIndi Cheenii Bhai Bhai. Heres to two most respected and wonderful Mahatmas born to India.

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Agni said...

Thoughtful one Sam! :)