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Wednesday, January 19

When inbox says 0

Often in a long distance, seeing that glow with 1 mail highlighted with that persons name can make your day.

And so you wake up, wash up, and rush to work - and before you log in to do anything... you quietly tip toe into your inbox to see if there was anything left for you by your Santa. :) there are ofcourse days you are in for a surprise

And there are times when the number 0 seems to be your only lucky number. And so you walk back holding that Teddy tight, dejected cause santa missed your home.

Ofcourse the days of surprise more than makes up for these times. Like that short email that said 'oh, I so wish you were here to see this' or even a sentence that reads 'I came across something, and it so reminded me of you.' :)

There is a lot that makes this sort of a relationship tough and even highly unsatisfying to a large extent. But if you believe in that itsy bitsy happiness, then there is enough to keep you going and believing that things are great and will only get better from here.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to your inbox and compose it and make their day


Harini said...

Truck loads of love and hugs from Santa land! :)

wild wings and open skies. said...


And All & more back at you Aarini! :) Muaaahh!