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Friday, February 11

Families are scary, especially when you get to know them. It could be anyones', yours, your friends', and yup the scariest of all, your spouse'! All of us love our families irrespective of their quirkiness, their conditional loving, their strong ideals and their fear of the unknown. And fact of the matter is, no matter how much you may hate each other inside, or even have quite a long trail of fueds, when it comes to the outer world, most would give it less than a thought to come and fight against the world.

Its funny, then how we all spend soooo much time loving a person by spending time with them, by explaining them little nuances of how you did one things and how your reaction to this was, and how less time we spend talking of our families. I mean, of course, it'd be a task to do that, considering the gigantic size of emotions each person carries, the problem of making the other person a bit over whelmed by all and the risk of loosing them.... its much easier to elope and get married, really!

I mean everyone wants to keep their world a pretty place by keeping the outside of their homes, the gardens and the varandahs clean and well attended to. However, when you enter and walk deep into the house, you will notice the cob webs and the dust that has been ignored, often. 

And well, as people we like to believe in the prettiest pictures and paintings you see. You want to believe in the happy endings, and you want to believe that all is well. And all this even after knowing that sometimes, what you see is not what you get, unlike the WYSIWYG theory!

Right now, I wish there was an easier way. I wish lovers would start their stories by setting the expectation right and saying "listen, my family's the craziest and scariest families in the world." And more like "okay, you wont believe it, but its true. I was born to a family of monsters" :O


Well its all about setting the expectations right, right?

Then why stop at you, yourselves, your dreams, your lives, your interests, your ambitions, your views, your hobbies? Whats stops us from including one of the most important aspects, our families too!
I mean, lets be fair, again. Say it aloud, I was born to monsters, and so... that makes me a _ _ _ _ _ _ ! And because, I love you, you must be a MON_ _ _ _. But then, I love Monsters, YOOHOO! :)

I mean who wouldnt accept something so nicely sugar coated as that, tell me?

Well, ideal just as all my other posts, such is not life...

Humbug, I gotto get back to my sleep, which is what I promised my darling vamsi, I'd get right after we said Good night. So well, for now, I hope for some nice dreams, of heaven, of love, of lasting bliss, for now.

Tomorrow is another day.

p.s: Vam, I love love both our familes, consider it only a rant after a long and crazy day.


Vibha said...

Well you surely had a very crazy day. Its showing in your post :).
However what you said is true about how people wish to believe in happy endings. But believe me eloping might look like an attractive option until you have actually done it. I don't know how it would be if you have steady job after eloping but if one has to start life afresh then only god and mutual love should save that couple.
Do I sound crazy? Well may be I am.


Harini said...

My random opinion: A family turns the craziest when they're trying to relate more with another family. Funny, they are supposed to unite with each other ideally but they choose that exact time to also make their differences so distinct! You'll go crazy along with them. In the end, you also smile wide and say 'Yes, my family is crazy and loud, and I'm one of them!' :)

wild wings and open skies. said...

OMG Aarini :) Did I tell you how much I love you!? And How much I loved everything you said? :)

Harini said...

Love you too Sam! :) Have a great ride ahead! :)