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Friday, February 1

found dead in the living.

i am shattered and stuck..
here in isolation, i speak my voice
in real i cry not a tear
its life, i let it pass
not this once but time after time.

is it me? or the time?
a phase like in a rhyme?
i ask, head held high
ready for the drop high up
from the sky.

i wait, yet again
to find all the remains
giving that second chance
a change, i tell myself
wait, patience pays

day after day i see no tear,
no drop of rain
just a little fear
fear to try, fear to fly
beyond the mountains and the skys
why cant i be more clear?
is it a dream? or is it real?

i am beyond sorrow and pain
yes, thats what i see it to be
loved and felt all that could be
there must be more i know
i still breathe, with blood in my veins
what is this? it comes again and again

like the wind, the breeze
the ripples and sunshine
i see it has no beggining or an end,
a wheel turning again, yet again
far away, i see her go
an angel i know.
a silent prayer is all i say

oh please! take me with you
no sound, no cry
just something i passed by
is it vague? let me be
thats how it is; a cage

no voice, no light
some hope and a will to fight
stronger after each rain
each wash.
the lanes i pass,
dont breathe the last
theres life i see

i know. i am living time again.

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