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Thursday, February 7

An ode to him.

Death, peculiar and pious,
One of the queer things of life.

I often wonder how is it that
Sometimes even foresight

and the triumphant moonlight
Cannot strengthen you

To bear the sight of a life less body
On a darkened daylight.

What is worse you might decide
A body with a soul and a thudding heart
already dying? or
Him, a relentless soul with a
Passion to live each moment?

Ever looked into the eyes'
of a man dying?

They are alive with a desperate hope
to live for a minute more
Ever looked deep into the eyes'
of a man for whom the future remains unknown?

You will see tinge of hidden sadness
His eyes will speak a thousand words

I can’t shed a tear
Cause there is seldom fear
A known fact that it’s all a part of living
Just about everything

What is it about death
I don't seem to understand

Contemplating and condemning
I hate this circle of life
Why should I be given something
only for it to be taken far away?

But oh!! I wish so wish..
I could hold on to you for a little longer..

My precious dear life
Oh! see there it goes away...

For Rufus.

1 comment:

ruthu said...

hey! i just saw your comment on my blog.. i really loved what you said to the end about .. thats what another friend of mine said too which was probably the only thing that helped me get ok.. and the poem to Rufus is lovely too! :)