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Wednesday, May 21

That thing you do...

Have you ever wondered how do some people make 'the right choice at the right time'?

Blessed are those who have the knowledge that each decision taken has some sort of repercussion on everything that happens once the ball is set to roll. As simple as newton's law of motion - to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Its easy to say you want a choice in things, matters concerning you and a step beyond. Like choosing the right career, the ideal 'road map', or even how to not die due to excess Carbon monoxide? But then i think its really
a luxury to make an informed decision. To know what is right and what might not be. To have the foresight of what will take you where you want to be. Or to even have the knowledge of where you want to go, where exactly do you want to 'reach'?

Today, I guess I realize why they say "life is a gamble"

Do the wise know that 'they are wise?' Do they know that this day, when they take a step, make a move, they will be called 'wiser' cause the wisdom of they have received? Is there ever a divine intervention about their 'status up gradation' ?
To have the knowledge where each successive situation will lead to, is not just a gamble of life and actions but a game well played.

I guess its all an equal proportions of faith, fate and familiarity with a situation that makes all the difference. To have in depth knowledge about the characteristics of each player and the best and 'ideal move' to make in one' .

As simple as that castle made of cards, or cycles parked in a stand in one file. One wrong move, or the wrong push and the whole structure crumbles.

I guess the conclusion is - none. If on some day you do know that the thing you are about to do is probably the best decision/choice you can take at that point in time :)

Then, take a minute and say 'Thank Goodness'. Its not everyday that you have the knowledge which tells you that you have the choice and that you have the capability to make the right one - 'An educated guess' is more like it i guess...

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