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Thursday, November 6

Destiny vs Free Will

I have been thinking, the various decisions that I have consciously made, in past (and will in future as well) - Are they really mine? Or was it a silent "divine intervention." Was it destiny that lead me to them or my conscious self talking?

Simple things I have done to life changing events like going to St. Francis, Applying for Mass comm making some beautiful friends for life time or meeting Vamsi or joining Google, or finding Bhumi. Sometimes, I like to thing that it was a conscious decision which makes me feel responsible, and sometimes I like to think it was destiny which led me to it which effectively makes me (what?).

However, at this point in time I am thinking that its both. Partly destiny and partly conscious choice. Certain things are just meant to be, you will find what you are seeking ( and that it comes to you). And if you are seeking then its your destiny.

Choice comes into place when you reach a part of the road map destiny has mapped for you and you are standing at the crossroads. its when you decide to do that thing you do (or not do) which again sets the ball rolling and destiny is at work again taking you to either the map chalked out or creating a new map followed by your decision.

Which makes me believe that there is no wrong or right in this life. There is all that I can do, and most time, I as an individual prefer to feel responsible for myself. And so, I rarely disregard my free will and almost always like to tickle the destiny's spirit of adventure.

Richard Bach is a great read in this regard, would like to touch bases back with him, once again.

To that Cheers!

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