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Thursday, November 6

Fresh Ho Jao!

A fresh perspective thanks to the new ads on TV. My favorite, hands down is the Limca Fresh ho jao ad - 2008 . The most outstanding thing about the ad apart from beautiful camaraderie between the actors and some great camera work, is the song that makes a lot of difference to the ad.

Here is how the song goes, and a literal translation for my not-so-fluent-in-hindi-speaking-friends! :)

Phuhare, bouchare, nazare chura lo na, kuch boondein chura lo na.
Thanki si zindagi se, ruki si zindagi se kuch lamhe chura lo na.
Kuch Yaadein aur sapney apne chura lo na

Oh! thaki si zindagii se, ruki sii zindagi se raftaarein chura lo na.
The girls singing, taunting... requesting lover, singing
"Fountains, showers, and beautiful scenery... steal them, steal them please.

Steal a few drops of them..
lets steal it from this tired life.

Lets steal them from this "halted" life
come steal a few moments please
some memories, some dreams, lets steal them please...
oh this halted life, this tired life; lets steal the speed (life) from it... please..."

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