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Wednesday, March 18

And If you have been thinking, thinking hard, of the way things are going. And whether, you want them to go the way they are. Just Wait. Hold. Breath. Talk.

And if in future you have a choice, fall in love with someone who lives just at an arms distance and not in different time zones. (Yes, the whole game of attraction, distraction, and the likes should take place with someone whose future is also in your vicinity)

If you dont want/have a choice, then like I said -Smile. Wait. Patience. Smile. Wait. Talk. Smile. Shout. Show Disappointment. Wait. Patience. Smile. Laugh. Love.

Things eventually do work out :)

Thanks for... umm... basically everything VammyPa. There are not many in my world who have the kind of patience, dedication and love you show. And So, I am choosing to say it in public, when I pretty much had a choice of writing you an email. If this in someway emarasses you, or hurts you :( Sowie, I promise it wasn't intentional. But Really! I would have been really burnt out had we had not had that talk :)

Thank You!!

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