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Wednesday, April 1

Every woman should...

...Choose her own life and live life on her own terms,

have the right to her own visions

but be open to a man’s idea too,

have unlimited desires, but keep her feet on the

earth, learn to love herself, her

reflection and her existence,

treat herself with chocolates and ice-creams and

give herself flowers, learn to

discover her own talents more

and more and confidently win everyone’s heart, at

times just let loose, but still be shy

and sophisticated, do the craziest

of things, like kiss herself good night in the mirror,

go for window shopping and satisfy

her interests, be at par with the

latest fashion, be sufficiently ambitious, determined

and gifted, be a little hard within,

but have that feminine instinct,

take the lead but let her man lead her too, and

always feel great about being a woman. 

I really liked this, thats why I decided to put it up :) To all of my kind :)

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