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Thursday, April 2

Feel like walking away from everything. Sudden urge to just fall out of every responsibility taken, every commitment made, every relationship mended, any thats broken. 

Just walk out and leave behind a world built on strength of charecter, honesty, trust and emotions. Even writing all this sounds utter nonsense, and I just feel like tearing everything off like a paper into several bits and pieces. 

Anger, frustration - for what? For whom? The unindentified, and the unknown. 

Care for less, care for nothing else - Be careless! For once realise that there is no power in 'one' Understand that One cant make a difference, it only happened in history. And even if  'one' can, then the other 'one' has ALL the luck 'one' needs to survive in this world, and make THE difference! Otherwise, on normal days, for normal people 'One' really cant do much. 

Walking out of the virtual world, and life I have created. Atleast I ll try to stay away for...not sure if i can complete this sentence. Things of the future, are anyays out of 'one's' hands.

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