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Monday, July 13

Eyes On The Horizon

And I don't look into anyone's eyes, they might catch something that I don't want them to see.
Eyes, after all speak more than words sometimes.

Today, I look far away, away from those pruning eyes, deliberately looking at the horizon far away. This may help me keep my tears away.

There is less to be said, a lot just understood. I hope he comes home, and things go back to 'normal' or whatever that may mean.

Like he says 'why dont people look at the flowers? and the bees?' It definitely would have been worthwhile I am sure.

Thanks For "You Make My Life Simple" Bit - That's what I am trying hard to do, and thats what I am here to do.

Eyes though, will still stay far away... May be they will see things I have missed. May be they will lead them to see those other beautiful things.

Hopefully. Eyes, stay there, don't look in this way, don't look inside me. Don't touch me, and cry me. I like the way I feel - a lil bit ok.


The Dreamer said...

Eyes convey the hurt one harbors within. Would holding your tears back help? Sometimes, it makes so much more sense in letting go of your emotions.

wild wings and open skies. said...

:) Yes, Aj. Thats true. But Emotions are conditional, and moody like me, and like all of us, they only want to be seen under certain circumstances - with certain people. :) well, yea, I am working on it!

Paresh Masade said...

this pic is awesome