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Thursday, July 2

News To Muse...And Mark This Day.

Michael Jackson passed away at his place - will miss being 'thrilled' by your music, and hope you are 'Moon Walking' somewhere.

Mumbai to Worli Sea-link Opened on June 30. Yay! Thats a great big step for india, that too in record time of 5 years. However, its become more of a museum, with a toll tax of Rs.50 levied for all those poor souls who are to to use it - wonder what a perk this is for the Indians - from the Govt. Of India.

No rains yet, partly cloudy sky since this morning. All await the 'out burst' of the clouds for the rains 'drop' to the ground, heavily. ;)

KitKat vanished, and we have no idea where she is since the last three days. Sukriti has been walking zombie, and we are all waiting eagerly to hear her 'meaow' :(

Closer home, Vamsi might come this feb (the coming feb) thanks to Ajanta getting married. :) Congrats Ajanta, this is one of the best news off late. And, yay! Some ray of hope, coming closer home. I look forward to 2010 already!

At work, one can see a touch of home these days with cane swings put up for us, wee, love them!

Lastly, my heart is filled with love and gratitude for all. Its a feeling where you can safely say 'I feel light as a bolloon.' I love floating in the air, slowly bumbing into things I am oblivious to. :)
Thank You Guys, I Love You All.

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