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Wednesday, July 22

Killed Piracy?

Heard MoserBaer?

A year back you would have heard the whole film fraternity, and anyone even remotely associated with them crying out aloud for the thriving market of pirated movie VCDs and DVDs. Indians loved to watch their movies at a click of a button and throw away prices.

Fast forward a year later, MoserBaer is here to stay. With more than 10, 000 movies across all the filmdom of major regional languages, Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood, and so on. They have now captured the hearts of every urban and semi urban Indian who love their movies.

Promising not just a good time, with several combination of movies, you can also have your favorite movies home delivered at no extra cost. And the cost, you may ask - hows Rs 45 for a DVD with 3 movies?

The visual and sound quality of the movies on the DVDs and VCDs is simply wonderful. And what you may call as the best thing is that - you get to watch all your favorite movies - guilt free!

You can use the store locator option on the website, and find the vendor closest to you. Mind you, if you are expecting just one or two stores spread across your city, think again! They have ensured they reach the widest audience, across all small towns and cities.

After loading my self with several sets of movies, when I came back - I was a more than just a happy person. :) Go MoserBaser


Leela Vinod Kumar said...

Oh yea - MoserBaer makes up quite a chunk of my personal collection too.

In fact the other day, after a lazy Sunday lunch, I'd stepped up to the paan wala right outside and he had them too!! I picked up a few and had a good use for the rest of the Sunday (and a few early hours of Monday :D).

Even kirana stores stock em up here. I guess, piracy may eventually be on its way out if the prices of the English ones plummet too..

Cheers to MoserBaer!! :)

The Dreamer said...

Dont they only showcase older movies?
I had bought a few but I noticed that portions of the scenes and dialogues were cut. Since then, I chose the only other good way of watching movies... downloading them myself! :)

Anonymous said...

very old news

wild wings and open skies. said...

@Anonymous: Thank You! Have you heard of something called - discovery? :P This was mine recently. Anyway, dear Jane/John Doe thanks for spending time out here! :)

@Vinod, wow man, looks like pan walas in bangalore really know what sells huh? This weekend I watched 8 movies as well! Dont ask me how ;)

@AJ, the dreamer - Wake Up, Read! And when you are done, ping me or come to my desk - I have to give you something - ask me what? M.O.V.I.E.S. :P

Harry said...

nice one!!! I wish they catered to us in the US too.........