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Monday, April 21

Finding Me, Again

There are lots of things I want to do. 
And I would love it if we could do them together. 
But I know that you are as stubborn as I am.
And that waiting for you will only mean
I let time pass me like a fistful of sand.

I have come away, far away from you
To see if I have it me, the honest love
The truth that I see in your eyes
When you experience that moment
And live it like it has filled your heart.

When life is not just an idea 
But an experience that waits to be lived
When finding yourself is more than a dream
But a dire need, indeed, I found you
In my darkest hour to be my brightest light

Having stood together, and sharing views
Of world, wisdom and life before us
Its time for me to find if this happiness
Is from you, or really from within me
If its something I borrow from you 
Or if I too have it in me, to see, love and live

I fear that I will suck the life out of you
My borrowing nature will take away
Whatever you are, that you hold so close
And leave you tired, hungry and broken
And leave me like that plant that has sucked 
The life out of its own life giving tree

I want to laugh because its funny to me
I want to 'Wow' because its 'wow' to me
I want to sing, because its melody to me
I want to dance because its rhythm to me
I want to learn because its interesting to me

I dont want to wait for a cue
I dont want to watch your face for lines
Of expressions to tell me whether its okay 
To laugh, be serious, or cry
I want to be independent enough, 
So that I am not the only one leaning on...

I do not think that its good for me 
to live in your shadow, as I have. 
I do not think that I should be so dependent
on you that even crossing a road gives me shivers
If i dont find you by my side

I do not want to be responsible 
For the person who brings unhappiness 
Into our family. The two of us. 
I too want to have a pretty heart
A beautiful mind, and love in my eyes.

So, that one day, when you are tired,
You too can lean on me, catch a breath
Learn a song, dance some moves
And when we come together, for a kiss
Our love, glows, grows and us happy

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